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 Four: Exile

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This chapter is written by Ergent Seth. All credits go to him.

"So... Even though I'm supposed to be exiled. I'm going to be out longer than usual. Trying to master my cipher powers, and my temper...I doubt that I'm good enough to be in Requiem" I said.

"Don't be too hard on yourself. Suck it up. I've made mistakes before Seth." Saint replied lightly.

"Yeah...I'll be seeing you."

"Yeah. But before you go, tell me, why will you be away longer than usual?"

I didn't want to say the person's name. I just unbuttoned my shirt and unfastened my armor. I showed saint the scar that I received from my last encounter with him three years ago.

Saint winced at the scar. "I understand..." He whispered. "You're training because you want to kill him."

"Yes...I know what I must do. For every cipher user, there is a true name for him. If I find out that name, then I am able to summon my true scythe and power. But it's going to take a lot of time and patience."

"I see. Tell me where you will train."

"I'm sorry but I can't tell you... It is forbidden" I mutter a cipher spell and instantly I disappear.

Saint just standing there in the dark night, started smiling and shaking his head. "Boy does he remind me of myself when I started out as a clans member." Chuckling, he started walking to Wa-Kia. But as he walked, there was a small stone in a bag with a note in it. It read:

Saint. I regret doing what I did to Fire.
Here is a forbidden stone.
If it is touched by a non cipher with good intentions then it can have the power of negating all cipher spells that had been cast in one area.
Just drop the stone where Fire had been sucked in.
It will bring him back. Tell him to forgive me.


I appeared in a big field. On the field lay big square patches of grass with one stick on top of each patch.

I knelt down by a patch of grass with a curved sword on it.

"I'm here again..." I whispered. I took out the bracelet I kept with me so long. "I'm ready"

The bracelet started floating in the air in front of me and with a big flash of light, I was in a whole new world. Everything was mostly colored blue. There was only one room and it was all made of glass. The Walls, ceiling and the floor.

"Hello." Surprisingly I heard a voice behind me. I looked at the person behind me and it was like looking into a mirror. Except this copy, this thing, whatever it was, its skin was white, its cloak was white, it was smiling a crude smile with a face and skin that was white and hair that was black.

"I am your negative cipher energies Seth. I know your true name. Kill me and I will give it to you."

"..." I tried summoning a soul scythe but it didn't work. I was puzzled.

"OH you can't get your precious little scythe. Well then. GOOD LUCK. HEHEHEH!" He started laughing maniacally. He summoned a soul scythe that was made of pure darkness.

"...No..." I knew now. I couldn't summon anything because he has my powers. I don't have magic nor cipher spells. I saw a short sword on the ground picked it up and charged at the being.


Ergent Seth walked down the streets of Wa-Kia two months after the exile and encountered a man covered in red armor.

Seth talked to the man. "Hello Dye."

"Seth...You’re back..." Dye replied

"Back and doing well. I've learned my lesson."

"Well at least you helped bring back fire."

"Yes I am sorry about the fellow"

"No worries" Dye said.

"Hey Dye. I finally figured out who stole the tablet."

"Who???? WHO’S THE TRAITOR!?!?!?"

"It was all saints fault. Saint did it. SAINT. He wants to lead the clan like he did with the Executioners of Torment. He wants everything for himself"

Dye was appalled by Seth's words. He actually thought that he was telling the truth. But how... HOW?

Dye then heard a whistle of air around him, he ducked just in time, but Ergent wasn't so lucky...

Dye looked at Ergent. His shoulder was pierced with the knife, Dye looked at Saint. Know he knew that he was a traitor. Saint was doing this. SAINT. "HOW...COULD....YOUUUUU!!!!" Dye's whole body burst into flames.

Saint just calmly said, "Look behind you."

Dye quickly turned his head and looked to see not Seth bleeding, but a man with Darker Red armor and helm with a sword.

"Who are you...."

"My name is Helios. And I am going to make Ergent disappear. If anyone from Requiem interferes, then I will personally see to their destruction." He then disappeared leaving the knife on the ground.

"Saint...I'm sorry." Dye said.

"It's ok. I understand. This rock that I used for this knife, I got it from Seth."

Dye was silent.


I was cut. Too cut up. I could barely move. The being was about to make its last strike.

Then I heard a voice. As calm as the moon... "Nirvana..."

I then yelled it out. "NIRVANA!!!"

The being got hit with a shock wave and fell to the ground surprised.

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Four: Exile
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