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 Ch. 28: Rest in Peace...

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PostSubject: Ch. 28: Rest in Peace...   Ch. 28: Rest in Peace... I_icon_minitimeThu Apr 29, 2010 6:47 pm


“What do you mean, ‘No’? You have to heal me!” Dawn coughed. A line of blood dribbled from a corner of her mouth.

“I already did. Now stop moving so much, you'll reopen your wounds that way.” Another cough. "See? You're still bleeding inside." Priest’s eyes were sad, concerned, as he leaned over Dawn’s body. Behind him, Megan was watching, not sure what to do.

“You can’t call this ‘healed’!”

“I’ve sealed up your wounds and boosted your blood supply. I couldn’t get to all of your internal wounds though, so please don’t move around for a couple minutes

while the magic finds its way through your body and repairs any loose ends.”

“I’m talking about my arms!” Dawn struggled to stand up, couldn’t support herself or find balance on the smooth wooden floor of the clan base. On either side of her, two sets of bones lay. Her right arm gleaming white, her left arm charred black. Dawn couldn’t imagine what life would be like with both arms cut off to her shoulders. She didn’t want to accept that fate. “Fix my arms!”

Priest sighed. “I’m sorry, but I…”

“DON’T tell me you’re sorry. Just do it.”

“Look, right now, your brother is fighting outside to defend this base. Along side him is another man, a great captain who once was Requiem’s strongest warrior. He lost an arm in the last war, and no matter how I tried, I could not make him a new arm. Now, he relies on magic to fight, and has become a formidable mage.”

“I’m NOT becoming a mage! Can’t you reattach my arms and grow everything back from there?”

“It’s not that simple. Magic is governed by laws. My sect of magic, the Holy Light sect, forbids me from putting severed body parts back together. The sect of magic that deals with that is Necromancy, and any body part, once separated from its owner, loses its identity with that person. Reattaching it would be a sin.”

“What do you mean, ‘loses identity’? Can’t you hear them? They’re still a part of me! Just give me my arms already!” Priest could tell Dawn was getting desperate. Still, he just couldn’t violate his own magical laws and commit an act of Necromancy. But, as he noted the faint connection between Dawn’s arms and her body, saw one finger twitch on her left arm, he came up with an idea. Dawn wouldn’t get her own arms back, but she would have arms…


Outside, Blizzard was getting ready to fight. He was the first to spot the incoming army of Chaos Soldiers. He was also the first to notice the great, hulking figure at the back of the army, driving it forward. Possibly a mercenary. He reached for his katanas, heard a noise. Blizzard turned. Marcus and Edvin were heading back into base. Edvin had collapsed with exhaustion as Marcus attempted to carry him through the base entrance.

Blizzard called out to Asterisk. “Hey, can you help them with that? I’m going to fight now.”

Asterisk looked up from his meditation on the morning grass. “No, you help them. I’m fighting this army.”

“Are you kidding me? You can’t take on that army alone, not with one arm!”

“Are you doubting my ability? Don’t you dare hurt my pride.” Blizzard looked into Asterisk’s eyes, saw a fierce determination there, shrugged.

“Your funeral. Just make sure you leave some guys for me. I don’t want to be totally left out of this one.” But Asterisk was already on the move. As Blizzard hurried Marcus and Edvin through the doorway, he turned to watch. In the small clearing before the base, Asterisk stood alone. One hand wielded a large wooden staff with a crescent on its tip. The other was carving symbols into the air, rune symbols. But something was weird. Blizzard put on his shades, couldn’t see any better, took them off again. For some reason, Asterisk’s runes were huge, the magical letters hanging in mid-air like floating tombstones. Then a finishing gesture. The runes locked together, formed the usual concentric ring shapes, spinning faster and faster as they summoned a wave of water, drawing energy from the waterfall nearby. The wave crested right as it slammed into the first of the incoming troops, bowling them over as it roared through the opposing army. Blizzard took the time to count. Fifty all told. None of them bore the insignia of the 13 Lord of Chaos as their main emblem. Probably one of Kobi’s lesser allies then.

Asterisk was already carving a second symbol in the air, this time making a circle above him. The sky began to cloud over the enemy army, heaps of cumulus clouds spiraling upwards, growing dark and menacing. A loud roar. Blizzard plugged his ears. Half a mile away, lightning struck down swathes of drenched Chaos Soldiers, paralyzing them or killing them outright. Somewhere in the thunderstorm, Blizzard thought he could see a hulking figure picking up soldiers and setting them on their feet, ignoring the lightning bolts raining down only a few feet away.

A final rune. Asterisk carved a third symbol in the sky, but leaving the top of the circle incomplete. The runes formed a giant ‘U’ as they gathered force, glowed orange, then manifested themselves in an enormous meteorite that whistled through the air, came slamming down onto the battlefield. An explosion. Dust rose fifty feet in the air, blocking out the sunlight. Blizzard coughed, put on his shades again to cover his eyes. When the dust settled. Asterisk strode forward, intending to finish off any survivors. Blizzard strained his eyes to see, wiping a layer of dust from his shades. There was one survivor.

Standing upright in the middle of the meteor’s crater, seemingly unscathed, stood a single man. He stood seven feet tall, with enough muscle to move a mountain. His skin was grey, seemingly chiseled from rock, with all the irregularities of the moon itself. He wore no armor, but only a set of tattered trousers. On his chest was a large, black rune symbol. Green eyes leered from beneath a heavy brow. He leaned on a gigantic stone hammer. When he saw Asterisk approaching, carving yet another set of rune symbols out of the air, he charged, picking up his stone hammer and raising it over his head. Asterisk looked up, saw the man charging, backed up, rune symbols still spouting from his fingertips. The man quickly closed the gap in between them, moving surprisingly fast for one so large. The spell finished when he was only a couple steps away. A blue flash. The giant was encased in an orb of ice. Motionless.

Asterisk backed up a few steps, admiring his handiwork. Then, a soft crack. Asterisk, eyes wide, saw the giant begin to fight its way out of frozen solitude. Asterisk turned to look at Blizzard eyes frightened, but determined. He pointed his staff at the waterfall, opened his mouth, said something that Blizzard couldn’t hear. Then a loud thud. The giant grunted, hammer where Asterisk’s head had last been. The giant forced the hammer down another couple of feet, crumpling the body’s ribcage and spine. Then, with a fountain of blood rising a few feet into the air, the giant turned, grinning.

Disbelief. Blizzard didn’t know what to say. Never before had a captain fallen, and Asterisk had been one of the best. When he had both of his arms, his Lightbringer Mace and Phoenix Plate were an unbeatable combination of indomitable strength. When he became a mage, his runes, as Blizzard had witnessed, were enough to wipe out an army. Now, he could only watch as the fountain of blood rose a couple of feet, then died out. The giant advanced towards the base, flecked with dust and blood. A broken tree stump in his way. He stepped on it, crushing it underfoot. What a monster.

Then behind him, almost drowned out by the roar of the waterfall, Blizzard heard a voice. Spinning around, he looked into the waterfall. There, formed from the falling water, was Asterisk’s face.

“Hey Blizzard,” the face smiled through a mouthful of water. “I’ve cast a spell that fuses my soul with this waterfall. It’s the ultimate sacrifice, separating your soul from your body, but I had no other choice. Now, I’m always watching over you guys. Don’t lose, Blizzard, don’t lose.”

Blizzard smiled, red eyes glinting. “Rest in peace, Asterisk. I will never rest until your death is avenged.”
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Ch. 28: Rest in Peace...
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