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PostSubject: Guide to Gaming   Guide to Gaming I_icon_minitimeMon Dec 20, 2010 7:59 pm

This is a guide I feel some of us desperately need. Soon, I will tell you how to be a good GM, both in and out of the box. But first, I will share a few tips that helped me in being a fair, nice, yet still competitive player. Lets start with how to play an Interactive game then, shall we?

To play an interactive game, one must have a sheet. To make one, simply find the name of the game you want to play, and look for the sheet layout AFTER reading the rules and such. Apply what you learned in the topic to the making of the sheet, and it should take between five and ten minutes to complete. If you have a question, or need help with something, post it or PM the GM or Game Master/Moderator, and they will help you. Next, you simply wait for a session, Sessions are run in the chat boxes. Something that needs clarifying is that excessive blood/gore/sexual situations belong only in a mature box, with a mature crowd. If there is a session going on with mature content, you should know what your walking into. Once in the box, simply ask the Game Moderator/Creator/Master for a session. Once the session starts, he, from the bottom box labeled Story Corner (Or whatever they will be called for Requiem), will tell you where you are, and your current situation etc. From here, you, in the box, labeled interactive (Again, whatever Req calls it), will RP (Role Play) with the Game Moderator, and progress throughout the session easily.

Guys, c'mon, do not play OOC! OOC stands for out of character, and is the term used when a player pretends his character knows something that he has know earthly idea how to find out! For example, if one of your friends went way north and found a treasure chest of endless secrets, and you decided you want to go find it, you cannot just say your going to the treasure chest of endless secrets. Usually, if the GM catches you, you are punished for playing OOC. Please guys, don't try to get away with it, play fair, don't ruin it for the others. Next! Players, this is important, Don't Argue With The GM! If you have a problem with something, try not to state it so blatantly during the game. Find the GM afterward and state your problem and why it is bothering you, WITHOUT flaming about it. An example would be:

GM: Tina is hit with the helicopter blade as it falls, killing her and her companions
Tina: Aww shucks.
Tina: Hey GM, why did you kill me off like that?
GM: Well Tina, you and your friends were right under the chopper, its only logical that you get hurt
Tina: Oh ok, I guess it was my fault

This is a good example of what to try and do. If you burst out in the middle of a session screaming and kicking because you think it isn't fair, it is likely you will be banned until the session is over, cmon', no one wants that! Ok, next...lets see, oh yea! If something falls on your head, so a boulder, don't try to dodge it AFTER its already happened. Cmon' guys, how ya gonna do that? Its easier to just accept your fate instead of wasting space and time. Next, and important! Guys, do NOT spam things like smileys and one word things like "Wow.." and "Tch.." Its just.bad.playing. And besides, its likely to get other players yelling at you, pushing their actions out and causing them to be ignored. Even if you won't accept it, it was your fault, you should say sorry, unlike some of us do. That's it for playing, if i think of more or if someone else thinks of more, please post it!

On to GMing...

Okay GMs, lets get this talk over with. Cmon' every GM here is a dude, and we all know us dudes don't like being given advice, but sometimes its just for the best that we listen. First off, if you have a grudge against a player, don't kill them off for the revenge. You will lose players that way, and its your fault whether you realize it or not. Next up, add detail! Don't get mad if a player asks for a little more detail, in fact, its a good idea that you put everything in there when describing it the first time, to avoid questions like that that take up time and space. Also, take all the time you need to type! As long as your giving good detail, action, and battles, people won't care how long it takes, as long as you paint that picture in their heads! Next up, try to avoid sex scenes if you can. If players decide to get intament, don't go into it saying "c#/ trickled down her boob and he licked it off." that's just..not good. If a player asks for it, however, take it to chat 2, if they really need it. Also GMs, try to use good grammar, capitalization, and punctuation. It improves quality big time if you do this, and all in all attracts more players. Its also good not to use big fonts, though that's just a personal preference of mine. This next one is probably the MOST important. If a player finds a way around your defenses, and lets say, finds a way to bring another player or NPC back to life, then don't argue, just simply ask for logic. Denial of this usually results in loss of players and lots of flaming, here is an example.

GM: Mary, your son dies in your arms, he is quite dead, his heart stopping soon.
Mary: *Performs CPR to try to save him*
(Heres where the GM is like, oh, well, I wanted him dead but maybe it can work)
GM: He starts to breathe again!
Mary: Yay! *Calls 911*

See guys? Sometimes its better to be modest and admit your wrong. Okay, these next ones came in by suggestion, and there's a lot of them! Okay GMs, I don't care what you like, pink, bold, italics, IT HURTS MY EYES! Its not smart to use a big font, or a fancy font, because no one wants to sit there playing the game throughout crap loads of eye hurt and "Whats that say?". Next, just because your the GM doesn't mean all the NPCs act just like you. Give your NPCs unique attitudes, and its even better when they have a quirk that makes them stand out among the rest, like anger problems. Next, Don't let your players get away with ruining your storyline for the game. Kill them if you have to, but at least make them think they will get away with it. Also, GMs, don't change the story, stick to one thing and one thing only. If you want to, your can make a few sub-plots or mini stories, they never hurt. And now, very important, the "spite" lecture. GMs, if someone previously did something to you that maybe made you feel bad or hurt your feelings, don't punish them VIA your game. This was seen earlier, and I could not help but voice my disgust. Also around the same topic, sometimes GMs have to leave or arent on when an eager player is. This should naturally be a que for GMs to say "Hey, I should value this guy and give him a first turn." Or "Hey, I should show this guy some mercy, he's missed so much!", again, this should be your natural reaction, but there are some people out there who are spiteful or just don't care. Also, GMs, believe it or not, the Misc Boxes have rules. First of all, guys, if you see the box has been claimed and the person who claimed it is still there, don't delete/ignore their claim. Its probably there for a reason, I understand sometimes there are long waits for the Misc Box, but patience is key to success. Here is a list of general "common courtesy" rules (Unofficial) I slapped together for the chat box.

1. If the misc has been claimed, but it has been more than an hour since the claim, kindly ask the claimer if it it free or not instead of assuming things. If the GM is not present, and has not been within the hour of he claim, the box is assumed to be free.
2. Claims have no time limit, do not make up your own "time limit" for others to follow, this does not override rule 1.
3. If there is a session going on, do not claim the box in the middle of that session, due to flame wars developing from the like.
4. If you have claimed the box, but none of your players are present or they want to play another GMs game, kindly hand the box over to them in a courteous way instead of arguing.

(Keep in mind Requiem Members, some of this is in GoD text, so, yea.)
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Guide to Gaming
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