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 Merci's Sprite Shop

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PostSubject: Merci's Sprite Shop   Sat Jun 04, 2011 11:20 pm

I got back approximately five minutes ago, and this is my new thing. I take requests and do random ones in my spare time. Sorry about the backgrounds, some are translucent and some were made to fit the GoD background. I'll get around to fixing them. Eventually.


Mad Shota Releasing Power To Kill Maxxy Rapist-

Some Random Fag-

A Cat-

Some Bitch About To Kick Your Ass-

Reaper Bitch That Wants To Kill You-

A Mage-

Some Guy That Somehow Reminds Me Of James So His Name Is Now James-


Mitsurugi My Fave Soul Calibur Character <3-

Carrie (from Castlevania, for Stait)-

Imp Demon Thing-

Reaper (FOr Reaper. xD)-

Grandmaster Wizardman-

Air Goddess-

Some Swordsmen Guy-

Magic Panty Fairy-

Demon Who Got mad And Stuck His Pitchfork Into The Ground Because He's A Dumbass Wut-

Faggot And Faggot's Cat-

Fail Version Of Gentleman Phantom-

Karate Man-

Some Super Saiyan Tibet Monk..thing-

Fail Version Of Shads Yoko-

Thunder Mage-

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Merci's Sprite Shop
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