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 Ch. 26: Fire and Ice

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Ch. 26: Fire and Ice Empty
PostSubject: Ch. 26: Fire and Ice   Ch. 26: Fire and Ice I_icon_minitimeThu Apr 29, 2010 6:45 pm

“Marcus, check up on our perimeter. It’s daytime now, and it’s not likely that the enemy is going to pull any more surprise attacks. We need to pull back to prepare for a defense against a frontal assault.”

“Yes sir.”

“Come on dude, relax a bit. No need to call me ‘sir’.”

“Yes si…I mean, ok.”

“And while you’re at it, find out what’s happened to my sister. Megan was sent out a couple of hours ago to relieve her, and neither of them have come back yet.”


‘Alright then, good luck.” A reassuring pat on the back. With determination in his eyes, Marcus stepped out of the Requiem base and into the golden light of the rising sun. For one second, he just stood there, enjoying the smell of the forest, the sound of the waterfall cascading into the little creek nearby, the sight of the whole world before him illuminated by the sun rising in the East behind him. Then, the first signs of trouble.

Two men approached him. One was limping, the other supporting his weight. Both showed signs of a recent battle; blood stains, rent armor, scars. Marcus quickly took the weight of the limping man, brought him to the base entrance.

“What happened? Did the…”

“No, not the mercenaries. Just a few skirmishers. A couple had crossbows though, we nearly lost a few men because of them. Luckily someone knew magic, blew them up.”

“Who was it?”

“Some girl. She popped up suddenly sometime during the night, stayed for the length of the battle, then was gone again. Said something about trouble on the east side of the perimeter.”

“How many are out there?”

“I’d say maybe five others besides us two. There are three on the southern side, haven’t heard much from them. There was also one guard on the north side. I think that guy’s bringing it in right now. Oh, and there was that one girl who decided to guard the entire east side alone. Probably thought she could go head-to-head with the mercenaries and win. Haven’t heard any news from that side, though one guy reported hearing a loud scream coming from that direction a couple of minutes ago.”

“Alright then. Thanks for the report. Keep bringing everyone in, I’ll go check out the east side.”

“Good luck.”


As he approached the eastern perimeter, Marcus could smell something other than the usual scents of the forest. Then he slipped and fell. Getting up, he found his left foot covered in melted ice cream. Nose wrinkled in disgust, Mark wiped his foot on the dewy morning grass before continuing. Then he saw the bodies. Two men, each with a white and black mark burned onto their chest. Dead? No, one of them groaned and struggled to move. Mark dashed over to help them, but before he got there, a small girl with purple hair and white robes appeared, waving a wooden wand. The girl looked up when he arrived on the spot.

“Who are you?” The girl looked at Mark with big, bright eyes. Then she sniffed. “You still got some ice cream on your left shoe.”


“I smelled it. You did a bad job of wiping it off.” Mark could also still smell it. Cursing, he rubbed his foot on the grass some more, hoping the ice cream wouldn’t leave a stain on his armored boot. When he was finished, Mark turned to look at the girl, who was busy applying a band-aid to one of the soldiers’s wounds.

“Are you Megan?”

“Yup. Now answer my question. Who are you?”

“I’m Marcus, a new recruit of Requiem.”

“Oh, no wonder I didn’t recognize you before. Anyways, go help Dawn, she’s feeling a bit weak.” Mark walked over to a patch of grass stained crimson. Dawn was sitting in the middle of a puddle of blood, left arm folded before her, right arm lying in the grass besides her.

When Marcus opened his mouth, she snapped at him without looking, “I DON’T need help!”

“Hey, Blizzard told me to come and get you…”

“I DON’T CARE!!!” Dawn stood up, eyes blazing. The next moment, Marcus grabbed her and jumped out of the way as a humongous fireball roared pass them. Mark’s ears rang for a moment, then cleared. Getting up, he nearly tripped over Dawn, then did a double take. From the shoulder down, Dawn’s left arm had been completely blown off, the skeletal remains turned black by the heat of the fireball. Dawn, having taken too much damage, passed out from the lack of blood. Megan rushed over, having successfully awoken the two guards and sent them on their way.

“Hey, take Dawn and head back to base now! I’ll hold them off!” Watching as Megan hoisted the bloody Dawn over her shoulders and retreat, Mark nearly forgot that he had enemies close by. He spun around to face a man, in his late teens or early twenties, dressed in fiery red and orange mage robes, playing with a fireball. He watched, entranced, as the man twirled the fireball through each of his fingers, then popped it into his mouth. His face turned red for a second. Then, cheeks puffing, he blew, sending out a tongue of flame. Marcus uttered a short spell, stopping the flaming breath cold in its tracks with a golden wall of magic.

“Who do you think you are, attacking the clan of Requiem?”

“I am Ferris, the fourteenth best mercenary in the world of Lore.” He laughed. “I just started at this job, and already I’m up in the ranks. My brother convinced me to try this line of business. Boy was he right.”

“Your brother?” A high-pitched laugh. Marcus turned around, saw Megan running slowly, Dawn on her back, a man wearing dark blue mage robes with ice runes pursuing them. The man in blue robes raised an arm before him, chanting a spell, charging up with a light blue glow. Marcus uttered another quick spell, summoning a thick wall of magic that stopped an avalanche of ice magic just inches short of hitting Megan. The little girl stumbled, got up, and kept running, Dawn spewing blood from her back, both arms merely bones entwined around her neck. The blue mage turned, thin black eyebrows raised.

“Your opponent is me. I am Marcus, warrior of Requiem.”

The blue mage scoffed. “A warrior? You stand no chance against the two of us. I am Spencer, older brother of Ferris and rank ninth best mercenary in the world of Lore. I don’t care who you are; In my eyes, you’re dead.”
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Ch. 26: Fire and Ice
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