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 Ch. 25: The Sun Always Rises

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PostSubject: Ch. 25: The Sun Always Rises   Ch. 25: The Sun Always Rises I_icon_minitimeThu Apr 29, 2010 6:44 pm

Purple hair, purple eyes. A face, young, but determined. White robes flashing in the night, faintly green in the light of Pixie’s Twilight. A small, wooden wand with a purple gem at its tip. It was Megan, the sister of the leader of Requiem, Priest. She crammed the rest of her ice cream into the mouth, took several moments, to swallow, then wiped her lips with a sleeve. Pixie’s remaining copy vanished back into the dim light of Twilight, leaving the original to glare at Megan.

“What was that, right now?” Pixie asked, red lips barely moving. “What was that magic that you used to destroy my Nightfall Violin?”

“What? It was magic. What do you think it was?” Megan’s voice was flighty, unconcerned.

“Aren’t you going to speak straight?” Pixie sighed. “Well, then again, you’re only a little ten-year-old…”

“What was that? Who are you?”

“Why don’t you run home and play with kids your own age?” A purple explosion. Pixie dodged to one side, barely escaping the eruption of pure magic. In the split second in which it occurred, Pixie could catch magical traces of the most primal kind, a magic that had no specific weakness and no obvious counter. Cursing, Pixie ran through her repertoire of basic magical shielding techniques. Nothing strong enough for this. A wave of her hand. Four copies sprung from the half-light around her. All of this happened before her feet touched the ground again. Megan raised her wand again.

One Pixie opened her mouth, testing out her voice, while another grinned wickedly, telling Megan, “You may have destroyed my violin, but music is a part of me. I can use it almost as well as I can use Twilight. While your magic is strong, it’s unrefined and clumsy, requiring no special knowledge or strategy to use. Why don’t you run home while you still can? I don’t go easy on little girls.” Megan responded with a bright purple bolt of pure energy, forcing all the Pixies to scatter. One Pixie, having finished warming up her voice, began to sing, a melodious song with no words, but a tune that made hairs stand on end and flesh shiver for no reason. Megan found her next spell suddenly slow in its charging, felt her mind begin to muddle.

“Twilight Aria!” Pixie laughed. “It may not be as effective as Nightfall Concerto, but its effects are very similar, and what’s more, there’s no instrument to destroy. You’ll have to go through each and every one of my copies in order to stop the music. I’m sorry to say this, but there’s no way you can beat me as you are!” Megan shrugged off the effects of the music, ran towards the talking copy of Pixie, blasting bolts of purple magic at her. An explosion consumed it, leaving behind a smoking crater. Around the lip of the crater, three more copies formed. “You can’t beat me just by blowing up my copies little girl!”

“Just shut up already. You talk way to much.”

Pixie paused momentarily, frowning. “It seems that my Twilight Aria isn’t having enough of an effect on you. Well then, how about an entire choir?” She waved her arms, summoning twenty singing versions of herself. The music rose to a pitch that blocked out all thought. Megan was getting annoyed. She couldn’t stop thinking about…ice cream. Why ice cream, in the middle of a battle to defend her brother’s clan? Then, a dry, crackling cough snapped her back into reality. One of Pixie’s copies had stopped singing, began to cough. Her face full of wrinkles, her arms and neck bony. Slowly, before everyone’s eyes, she dissolved back into magic, and faded into the Twilight. The other nineteen Pixies all looked similar: weak, wrinkled, bony, deathly old. One by one, each copy faded into the Twilight until only the original Pixie was left, supporting herself by all fours, shuddering.

“It appears…that I have not yet mastered the use of so many copies of myself. I’ve never tried something like that before and have spent precious amounts of my life force trying to keep this up. Well…” Pixie grinned. “I don’t need any music to kill you. I’ll get you my pretty, old-fashioned way.” She split herself into two, the copy conjuring a ball of black energy while Pixie herself created a white orb of magic. Then they both fired, combining into a huge twilight bolt that hurtled towards Megan. Raising her small, purple wand to protect herself, Megan closed her eyes, and was blasted backwards a couple inches. Opening one eye, she found that, other than a minor burn, she was completely unharmed by the full-force spell. Pixie’s mouth was gaping.

“WHAT!?!?!? A fully charged twilight bolt did almost nothing to you!?!?!?” For a wild second, Pixie’s composure slipped. Her eyes rolled, her red lips gaping, nose wrinkled, hair flying. Then, as quickly as it had left, Pixie’s composure returned. “Well then, it’s no fun fighting someone that’s invincible, little girl.”

“But I’m not invincible! I get papercuts all the time, and I get bruises whenever I trip and fall and…”

“Ha! You’re gifted with amazing resistance to magic, but you can’t even defend yourself against basic physical attacks? This should be too easy!” Megan looked up, surprised. What did she just say again? Something about papercuts…

Pixie banished all of her copies altogether. Smirking, she reached behind her back, unbuttoning the back of her dress, leaving the bare skin exposed. The dress shivered, then loosened, revealing two enormous wings. Pixie looked up, yellow eyes taunting Megan as her bare feet lifted off the ground, supported by the flying magic lent by the wings. One hand reached out, combining a thick patch of Twilight together, binding the murky light into a small, wicked-looking blade.

“I don’t know why I didn’t think of this earlier. Twilight Fairy Blade, a sword made of Twilight manifested in physical form. It’s easy to make, consumes almost no magic, and” here Pixie pointed the blade at a stunned Megan, “It will kill you.”

Megan merely raised her wand, unleashing a flurry of purple bolts. Pixie slashed right through all of them, then dived at her, wings spread wide, blade singing through the air. Megan dodged to one side, rolled…too late. As Pixie pulled away from her first attack, Megan felt her left shoulder sting. Feeling it, rather than looking at it, Megan could tell that the wound was shallow. Still, another one like that would not be good for her health. Megan raised her wand, but didn’t do anything. Pixie raised her eyebrow in response.

“If you’re not going to attack me, I’ll just have to kill you, little girl. All part of the job.” Pixie dived a second time. Composure slipping a second time, yellow eyes gone wild, sword coming in…Megan tapped the sword with her wand, banishing it. Pixie, losing her balance from the shock, barely regained composure before hitting the ground. Flying up, she turned to stare at Megan.

“You magic doesn’t make any sense." Megan began. "How do you cut someone with Twilight, or any light? All you really did to me was scratch me with your fingernail, while making a fancy picture out of the half-light to try and trick me. All your magic does is make pictures out of the twilight or play some fancy music or change the lighting a little bit. The only way you can really hurt people is with a half-baked fireball or just your fingernails!” Pixie smirked.

“Say that again after I’ve sliced you in half!” Summoning a larger sword than the first one, Pixie charged again, this time aiming perfectly. One mighty swing, and…nothing. Megan smiled.

“Told you so.” An enormous purple explosion. Pixie was blasted out of the air, wings shredded, Twilight fading. Too much. As she landed, Pixie stared at the sky. It was a rosy color. Dawn was coming.

A shadow fell across her face. Bloody, covered in grime, but deathly pale nonetheless, her sister stared down at her. More bandages covered her right side. The remains of a white and black mark showing on the fringes of the torn cloth on her chest, the magical wound still bleeding there. A skeletal arm wrapped around her neck. Dawn.

“I swore I was going to kill you the next time I saw you.” Dawn raised her left fist. Her red eyes filled with tears. “This is for what you did to me and my brother. For what you did to our mother.” Sunrise. The first rays hit the two sisters, shining through the leaves of the forest. Megan was approaching the group when she was blinded by the sun. Dawn raised up her arm to shield her face. When she looked back down, Pixie was already sinking into the ground beneath her, swallowed up by a Twilight portal.

“Later, sis. I doubt we’ll ever meet again. Looks like in the end, I’m going to make money from killing people, and you’re going to die.” The portal closed. Dawn’s left fist pounded nothing but the ground, leaving a small crater. She felt the loss of blood catching up to her, felt the humiliating defeat to her sister, felt the eyes of Megan pricking the back of her neck, felt embarrassed and frustrated and betrayed. Dawn lifted her head up to the sky, screaming.
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Ch. 25: The Sun Always Rises
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