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 Magia Arana

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(This story is based upon the very distant future, if there's any confusion, please PM me any questions you have.) By now, the world of Lore has grown into a very war-mongering place, fighting and chaos in every direction, it seemed like there was no end to the torment. Six great Magi have had enough of this madness, so they went off to the universe to create a new plot of land, an entirely new planet actually. The Six Magi contributed something special to the planet, so it could survive. Xenos, the earth Magi, created the planet and all of the plants living on it. Ana, the fire Magi, contributed warmth to the planet. Kentan, the water Magi, gave the planet water to thrive upon. Tana, the Wind and Air Magi, gave the planet oxygen and great winds to breathe and multiply the plants. Finnaly, the Light and Darkness Magi came, Serah and Quent contributed the great powers of Light to see, and Darkness to hide. After 100 years, nothing too bad happened, until Xenos asked the other Magi, "Why don't we create humans and other beings to harvest this great land we have created?". And so they did. The second after, the lands separated themselves to Six lands, made up of pure elemental powers and beings. Will you enter this land to restore balance? Or take it over for you and your element? You decide, in the great land of Magia Arana.


The Great Magi decided to create great Keys of Power to unlock for the lands, once all of the keys are unlocked, and not absorbed by the evil, Magia Arana will be restored to a normal place, that was intented. But, if any of the keys are absorbed, the power will go to the warrior who chose to absorb it. To take the great powers of the Keys, you must focus greatly, you cannot move, or think, as your body will be possessed by the great powers of one of the Magi themselves, they trapped themselves into the Keys to someday bring balance to Magia, and keep it from going ka-blamo. If your evil, you try to absorb the powers, if your good, you try to free the spirits of the Magi, and soon restore Magia to its proper form. Good luck finding out how to get the Keys though!



Black: Neocris, the great shadow lands commanded by Lord Staitus. Filled with shadow mages and warriors.

Black w/ Red stripes: More of Neocris, just under rule of Staitus' son, Ike.

Yellow-White: The Soul Society, taken from Neocris by Boomfus along with Arch-Angels in their quest to purge the world of evil and redeem himself. They plan to take Neocris in the name of God.


These are the spells that the Elementals can use to attack or defend themselves. They are unlocked at a certain level, or rank of magic (RoM) shown to the far left of the spell name. EX: 5: Volcano ambush, the lava of a volcano hits your opponent, burning them drasticaly. RoM's cap right now is 5. Level cap is 50. When three people hit one of these, it will increase, so watch out.

Fire spells:
1: Fire ball. Gives small burns if hits. Other then that, self-explanatory.
2: Fire sword. Wraps fire around chosen weapon. Gives medium damage burns, lasts for 5 minutes, multiplyed by 2 when RoM increases. (RoM: 2, lasts 5 minutes. RoM: 3, lasts 10 minutes. RoM: 4, lasts 15 minutes)
3: Wall of Flames. Covers chosen elemental with a wall of flames, to protect the person, or to "trap" them to some extent. Same lasting time as Fire Sword.
4: Speed of Burns. Gives you super-speed where you reach your destination 3 times as fast. Lasts 15 minutes, same increasing as Fire sword. You can only use this spell once per session.
5: Fire Eagle. Summons the great Fire Eagle to attack an emeny, or spy. While using Fire Eagle, you are weakened dramaticlly, so its easier for others to attack you.

Water spells:
1: Water gun. You fire water out of your hands, to knock back enemys slightly, or just a distraction.
2: Water wings. Gives the ability to give someone gills, to breathe underwater for any time you choose. Maximum is 10 minutes, increases like Fire sword.
3: Hybrid change. You turn into a version of the Hydra for 10 minutes, add 10 minutes and 3 power for every RoM you gain.
4: Water Heal. Heals any person.
5: Aquamarine. You use all of your magical ability in order to summon the great water beast Aquamarine. Can only survive in the water, or water-relying areas (Anywhere but Black, Yellow, or Red lands.)

Earth spells:
1: Tremor. Minor earthquake.
2: Earth stomp. Stronger Tremor, stuns enemys for 2 minutes.
3: Earthquake. If your strong enough, you can shatter an entire building using this spell.
4: Spike Vines. You summon vines to trap your enemy and spike them for 30 minutes. Decreases depending on how strong/weak you are, I'll work out the details later.
5: The Great One. Summons a giant earth beast that will destroy everything in its path, you become unconsious during this from the great mana use, TGO lasts for 30 minutes.

Wind/Air spells:
1: Gust. Self-explanatory.
2: Whirlwind. Knocks the wind out of enemys, leaving them to catch their breath for about a minute.
3: Wind Wyrm. Summons a Wyrm to ride for about 20 minutes. The time can be elongated only when another Wind elemental casts this spell at the same time.
4: Tornado. Can blow away up to five enemys at once, can destroy entire buildings. Power increases with your rank and Wisdom.
5: Tana. Summons the great Wisdom and powers of the Wind/Air Magi, Tana. Lasts only 5 minutes, but grants you a giant increase of Wisdom and Power.

Darkness Spells:
1: Tendrils. Summons small black Tentacles to wrap your opponent. Read "Spike Vines" for more information.
2: Shadow Soul. You give half of your soul to casting this spell. The half of your soul is turned into a shadow that can follow and spy on any character for the rest of the session. You get one soul per session to use this spell.
3: Dark ball. Self-explanitory, if used in Black territory, stuns the person Dark Ball hits.
4: Shadow Change. You turn into a shadow yourself, and are able to enter peoples bodys and listen to their thoughts. Good for getting information.
5: Necromancers Book: You can bring back any dead person during the session, but all and I mean all of your stats (Power, Wisdom, Agility, Will and Endurance.) must be greater or exactly the same to control that person. You can only use this spell during dire situations. (I will tell you when your able to use it, if you attempt to use this spell when you cant, I will say: The Necromancers Book Spell has failed!)

Light spells:
Light is a very special one, where theres actually only three spells, but their passive ability upgraded, so when your Wisdom and Will increase, these spells will power up as well.
1: Light Sword. Turns your sword into a katana of light for ten minutes. Increases with Will and Wisdom.
3: Light of Day. Heals target person. Increases with Will and Wisdom.
5: Serah. Summons the Angel spirit of Serah to defend you. Lasts for only one attack to defend, but will negate all damage done. Can only be used once per Session. Will use up all of your mana. (If you attempt to use this spell when you have already used it, I will just say what I would with the Necomancers Book thing.)

Stats are used for power and protection really, you get 20 Stat points to begin. Every stat must have at least one point when you begin.
Power: Your strength, how hard you hit, smash, stomp, whatever it is that you do with brute force.
Wisdom: Your intellect, duh. Aids in mage spells.
Agility: How able you are to dodging and moving. The higher your Agility, the faster you can run, and the higher you can jump.
Will: Self explanitory. How strong you are to not giving up, or breaking down. The higher this is, the more impossible interigating you is.
Endurance: How long you can take a hit or be attacked. Increases your HP. (1 Endurance = 15 HP.)

The Basics of Gold:

You can use gold to buy things from shop keepers in each of the areas. They sell certain items. All Shops exept the red area sell Fire-proof Boots. You gain Gold from killing monsters in your area, or defeating other players and Raiding them. The cap for gold right now is 1,000,000.

Yep, Races are here now (After a little bit of consideration and randomness I thought of some races.) and now you can choose from ether being some kind of race, or if you don't want to, just put "Elemental" or leave Race blank. Races cannot use the spells currently listed somewhere above, but the cool thing about them is that they can use their own custom abilitys, like your own personal made-up attacks, put into the game!

Vventar: In the shortest terms possible, a giant deadly dragonfly thats turned grey and white. Depends on Agility. Element: Wind/Air

Trantar: Giant. Dinosaur. With trees on its back. Abilitys for this race depend entirely on Power and Endurance. Element: Earth

Xenon: A shadow-serpent, its as tall as the average grown human, and weighs more than one. This race depends on Agility, RoM, and your Level. Element: Shadow/Darkness

Haran: To put it into simple terms, imagine a small white dove, combined with a griffin, and add a little yellow glow to it. Depends on Agility and Power. Element: Light

Sendrata: Or more commonly known as, the "Terror of the Sea", the Sendrata can change into any animal with gills. Depends on Rom, Level, and Agility. Element: Water

Vulctar: Living mini-volcano. Enough said, depends on Power, RoM, and Endurance. Element: Fire

Human: Must I even explain? Element: _____

Isar: A powerful Ice Demon, exclusive to the Artica dimention. It has pure white hair and skin, peircing red eyes, and four long tentacles on its back, that, if a non Isar touches, will freeze.

Artan: The people of Artica, most common, who are evolved to survive in -50 degree weather perfectly fine, and easily adapt to cold. Their a bit stronger then the average human or elemental.

Grantan: The secret people of Artica, living in some secluded cave, that look like Artans, exept they have luxurious frost wings on their backs, and can breathe freezing fire. They have ruled over Artica for many years, and don't plan on stopping anytime soon.

Creations: Creations of the Volcano Duran-Drang, these men and women inhabit Blazika, and can turn into human-dragon hybrids with almost unbeatable strength. They are litterally born from the Spirit of Duran, a man who created the volcano with his immense strength, and many beleive his spirit still lives in the volcano.


Classes are well, classes, you can choose to be ether a mage (Default, if you leave your class blank, congrats, your a mage.) a warrior, a rouge, or a Zenkeeper. (Special class, mix of warrior, rouge, and mage, if you choose this class you will be tested the first opportunity possible. Zenkeeper's get a special cloth-metal armor, helm, and a staff with a blade on the bottom as items in their inventory, don't put those on your items unless you already got tested to be a Zenkeeper and passed. If you fail to become a Zenkeeper you can just choose warrior or mage for your class.) Only Mages and Zenkeepers can use spells.

Mage: Self explanitory, they start out with ragged robes, staff of (Insert element here), and ripped helm. They can cast the spells above, and when they reach a certain RoM, they can begin creating their own spells for their mage clan, or just keep it to yourself, if you like, you can put the custom spells you create into the Archives for all the other mages to learn. PM me any spells or whatever you would like to be put into the Archives. Starts out with 1 more stat point to go to Wisdom.

Warrior: Strong men and women gathered to protect their area, the good ones someday plan to ban together to create their own place in hopes of bringing peace to the world, while the evil ones just want to take over more land for their element. They start out with a simple sword, strong armor, and a simple helm. Like the mages RoM, warriors get a RoS, or Rank of Strength. The higher their RoS is, the more powerful their attacks are, and soon they can put their own special attacks in the Archives. Starts out with 1 more stat point to go to Power.

Rouge: Swift and speedy little elementals, they have RoA, Rank of Agility, the rouges are like theifs, they have the ability to try and steal small amounts of gold from others, but their Agility must be higher than the person you want to try and steal from. They start with town rouges armor, small rusted dagger, and just a little more gold than average. (Add 5 gold from the 100 everyone else gets.) Same thing with the custom attacks on the Archives as the others. Starts out with 1 more stat point to go to Agility.

Zenkeeper: Keepers of the peace of the world of Magia Arana, they try to stay out of the fighting, and more or less try to negotiate their way out of situations, rather than beating the living crap out of eachother. Zenkeepers usually stay together in groups of three or more, and have a bit more Will than others, (Start out with +1 to will) and also usually stay in the Zenkeepers Willhomes, along the borders of all of the lands, dispached only to stop breakouts of fighting around the area, to reduce the possibilitys of war. You must be good in order to become a Zenkeeper. Zenkeepers have RoP now, Rank of Peace.

The list of spells, attacks, and such posted and created by the high-ranking players that are avalible for others to learn!

Purge Skillset/Branch
Made by Death594
Avalible to learn at RoM 3, can only learn one at a time.
Only avalible to learn if your class is Zenkeeper.

Neutral shadow- Ability to hide any area from good or evil.

Dispel- Ability to destroy manifestations of good and evil.

Infuse- You give your weapon the power of anti-good or anti-evil, to strike down any one of the good or evil factions. (Requires Purge Runes.)

Swift tongue- The ability to convince any member of neutrality your cause is best.

Teacher- The ability to transfer and teach Purge skillset.

Deal of the Devil- Ability to fuse good and evil.

Absorb- Ability to, one time only, eat the soul and body of another.


Simple, good, or evil. Good wants to stop the war, and maybe begin to restore peace and balance to Magia Arana, in order to make it normal again. Evil wants war to happen, to destroy the world, to kill, or to take...well, I can't get to that yet, its a secret only known by the Zenkeepers, but will probably be spilled by the third session. (Lol.) You must choose good or evil, sorry, there's no neutral. Good and Evil Alignment leaders are now avalible, and are already taken. The Leaders get special things, but not too OP, so theres hope to kill them, and steal their position. They get their own spellset, up to three, special custom armor and weps, and are stronger than most average players. They lead armys into battle, and are like those FF bosses that you get so pissed off about, that you try and try again to kill but you just can't.

Special Powers:

Special Powers are well, special clearly, they are your own Passive Ability that you can use for a great advantage, a Charm to add to your weapon, or a Spell or Attack, they are very strong, and only the best warriors and others will gain a Power. You do not start off with one, but if you work hard, you will be Visited in your Dream Realm.


Stealable or creatable. Creatable when you have a strong enough RoM. Stealable...if you can. They range from baby dragons to little bunnies. They have loyalty counters, where the higher it is the better, the lower it is, the more of a chance it will disobey you or just plain run away. They also have levels and other stuff. Unlock the pet powers and they will aid you. Some bazaars and shops sell collars that can capture pets. Sometimes even people. Do not abuse.

Rankable Classes:
Rankable classes are like regular classes, exept they can power or rank up, for better moves and abilitys. They are bought at shops and can be trained to rank up, and give you better moves.

Flame Warrior: The flame warrior uses the power of fire to control the enviroment around him/her, and bends it to his/her will.
1- Fire Flash: Summons a flash of fire that blinds the enemy for a short period of time.
2- Sword of Flame: Your sword is engulfed in flames, making it stronger.
3- Fire Shadow: Turns your shadow into a flame entity to help you in battle.
4- Flame Imp: Summons an imp of flames to help you in battle.
5- Fire Wings: Allows flight.
6- Fire Winds: Summons a gust of fire to burn your opponent.
7- Flaming Scars: Burns an opponent so they have scars covering their body that will spontaniously set ablaze.
8- Summon Flames: You summon a randomised fire creature to aid you in battle.
9- Metamorphosis In Ashes: Part of your body turns into pure controled fire.
10- Fire Walk: Change the land to lava.
11- Scar: You scar your opponent that is just like Flaming Scars, exept it is eternal.
12- Lava Golem: You summon a lava golem.
13- Pheonix: You summon a pheonix to ride.
14- Hydra: You summon a flaming hydra.
15- Great Change: Your body goes under a transformation where half of your body is given up to the flames.
16- Sleep: You summon alluring flames to put your opponent to a deep slumber.
17- Burning Nightmares: You enter your opponents mind while under Sleep, and can harm their thoughts.
18- Hell: You and your opponent teleport into Hell.
19- Lava Flow: Your blood turns into lava, making you stronger.
20- Fire Demon: You transform into a fire demon.

Alternate Dimensions:
To travel from dimension to dimension, you need to have Dimension Runes, a transport of some kind, and in case, a giant army.

Dimension 1: Artica
This dimension is freezing cold, but the people here don't mind very much, they are genetically mutated to survive in the extreme cold with just a T-shirt and jeans. Blood Arrow Village is a small hostile village, Cloud Country Territory is filled with assassins and pick-pockets, and Blood Country Territory is like Blood Arrow, exept more developed, and the biggest area in Artica. They have been ruled by the Grantan for many years, and don't plan on stopping anytime soon. Map:

Black: Neocris

Dimension 2: Blazika
This dimension is blazing hot, the polar opposite of Artica, where these people are born of the Drang Duran, with dragons tails and scales to protect themselves from the harsh heat. They have been ruled by the "Spirit of Drang" for the whole creation of Blazika, and will stay in alighment with Drang for eternity. Harnta, home of flame, is where fire spitting is taught to the new creations of the Volcano Drang, then they go to Hek, home of smoke, to learn how to summon their Dragon Spirit. Then the young ones are taken to Telto, Home of Living Hell, where they will go into war, after a week, the ones that live will be taken to Sal-Santar, Home of Rock Arrows, to train more and join the Blazian army to protect it for the rest of their lives. Map:

Dimension 3: Cresta
This dimension is ruled and dominated by Werewolves, or Lycans, and their indian like ways. The Desert of Lost Souls is a large desert, similar to the Sandsea, but people actually live in it, the little or larger grey circles, are the villages that some of the braver live in. The Hunting Grounds is a place to, well, hunt. This is where most of the lycan populus live, mainly to prepare to be sent to the Desert of Lost Souls. The large tan rectangle in the desert is the Shrine of Cresta, the mythical being that the Lycans here worship, who discovered this land by opening a portal to the world that would lead to peace, without humans to destroy that. It was actually found/made some other way, but the lycans like thinking of it that way. The shrine of Cresta is a sacred place where none are allowed to even speak to someone violently, or they will die outside of the shrine and have their blood given to Cresta through very painful rituals similar to those of the Aztecs, like removing hearts. Map:

Dimension 4: Ferra
This is the dimension of the Vampires, voted by you. Apperently, this dimension has no recordable history, and the names of the lands have been lost. The map has somehow survived, though.

Dimension 5: Guildian
This magical land has so much power, the giant world had to be separated into twelve main countries, each named before the Zodiac even existed, by the way. They will be slowly yet steadily revealed.

1. Scorpio: Land of the Scorpion. Be warned of cruel men and The Betrayed. There is a minor green lush island just off of Scorpio, legend says it holds the power to make people vanish. The yellow-gold circles are main docks and trade ports.

2. Aquario: Land of the Water. Filled with humans with magical properties and are most likely fish hybrids, and some are actually quite friendly. Green areas = land. Black -'s = Ship routes. Red triangle on westward island = Mount Incu, biggest volcano in Guildian. Black dots on islands = Ports.

Unknown Dimensions, AKA Those ones that wont be mapped because it just takes up space, or the ones that are coming soon, are here.
-Father Time's Dimension. Better known as the Time Dimension, this is where Father Time controls everything regarding time.
-Heaven. A map will come soon for this, its actually worth it. Self explanitory, hopefully you all know what Heaven is.
-Hell. Not introduced yet, polar opposite of Heaven.
-The Reality. Home of the Spirit of Magia, and ultimate power. The Spirit is impossible to defeat, period. You have been warned.

Enemies and Allies:
Yep, theres NPC Allies and Enemies now! Their very special, and you can have quite a lot of them if you keep your reputation in that area up and well.
Allies: Your closest friends and buddies that will help you through anything, they can be from opposite entitys to the biggest of animals, you just have to have a high reputation with them, its easier to get with lower levels, harder to get with high levels, think of it like Pokemon, the friend is in your party, and has the stats and levels and abilitys/spells just like you do, their not like slaves or anything (Unless you want them to leave your party...) just friends that you have some influence on. When your friend dies, he/she will never respawn, unless you do something crazy and raise them from the dead, having full influence on their actions. But thats just wrong.
Enemies: These are your worst adversaries that will hunt you down and try to hang your head on their wall, if you know what I mean. The enemies stats and hp are not avalible for you, and will be added to an Enemie list, holding the names of those foes, and their pets. They can be players or NPC's, unlike Allies, that are just NPC's. They can also be anything from a human to a giant monster, just beware of who you talk to.

This is where the Enemies and Allies thing comes in, now, when you communicate to NPC's, a small reputation will be put on your list, that will be put on your sheet, when you talk to any NPC, and will only be put on as a spoiler, for space reasons. The reputation you gain with a political leader, like maybe the leader of Cresta or something, will affect your reputation with the entire dimension, you can be hated, or liked, maybe they will invite you to make their dimention your new home, where your "Base" will be, a place to go when tired.

Char Sheet:
Level: 1
Hit Points: (HP, just do the math with your Endurance.)
Facial Features:
Hair color/length:
Clothes: (You can't have insanely strong armor, keep it un-godly. If your not a Fire Elemental, don't give yourself the fire-proof boots, those are shop given only.)
Weapon: (Just like clothes, don't overdo it.)
RoM/RoA/RoS/RoP: 0
Inventory: Used Bandages x3 (Heals 5 hp each) 100 gold.

Announcement Board:

1/2/11: The Shadow War has begun! Read the story for an added suprize that will shock everybody, as they fight for the world of Magia Arana!

1/3/11: Tana, the wind Magi, has been killed and her Key power absorbed by Staitus!

1/8/11: Boomfus has taken over land from Haman, creating a safe-haven for all animals. Special Powers are now avalible, but will be earned through a special way. Heaven Introduced Soon.

1/13/11: Staitus discovers the Underground Cave of Spiders. More land is taken in the name of Neocris and Sanctuary.

1/15/11: Mark steals a baby dragon pet and names it Bitch. Pets are now avalible for everyone to steal or create. Alternate Dimentions are here. Staitus takes more of Fewel's land.

1/16/11: Staitus joins the lands of Neocris and Fewel, but more in his control and favor. Its his son Ike's birthday today, he gives him some land. Artica's races have been recorded. Staitus has completly taken over Magia, next is Artica, you all may want to retreat there for land if you like. Blazika is now avalible, races coming soon.

1/17/11: Mark is the first one to enter Artica, he takes land in the name of Staitus, and discovers the underwater Castle Aquamarine, where Boom and Staitus have a fight, and Stait signals for the Magia legion to burn Santcuary to the ground! Boom saves his animals in time and takes them to Artica, while Stait destroys Santurary, thus completly taking over Magia, and Staitus builds a giant headquarter like area from the building Mark took over, Boom goes into a cutscene where he comes across an old diary that, in an exerpt, I cannot say, but now Boom is in a race of time, agenst Father time, to try and rip the dimentions out of his hands, and enter the unknown dimention once again.

1/21/11: Staitus makes a deal with Death to corrupt Artica to bend to his will, its slowly expanding, as Mark enters the lair of the Grantan and in shortest terms, goes on a killing spree that leads to him absorbing their powers, becoming a Perfect Hybrid, with powers of the Isar and the Grantan.

1/22/11: Poison Hydras begin taking Stait's land, but he somehow kills their leader and turns the underlings into Shadow Hydra, and sends them to Blazika to begin taking it over. The Hydras are returned by a young man, and the rest is in secret, by request. Creations race has been discovered. Staitus hears news about Azeroth, and after insanity, it turns out to be just a growth spurt, and he orders for a chamber to be made for Azeroth, he's only going to get bigger from here. Skull joins in and learns alot of spells, destroys two towns, a tower, a family of wolves, and so many more things with just sand and well, its just a long list.

1/23/11: Mark is put into a Grantan ice prison, breaks out, beats up the warden and saves a young girl who he adopts. Boom goes on a giant adventure where he kills himself with his own spikes to acheve enlightenment after rejection with Death, and meets God to become an Arch-Angel where he makes a giant speech to ban the others together to stop the shadows, and stop Staitus, and has become a human doing so. He now has the Arch-Angel set with a shield, armor, and sword, and he has golden Angel's wings, becoming the ultimate holy character. Staitus beware.

1/24/11: Boom goes training with the Arch-Angels in a blade filled stadium, and increases his agility, then has some of them open a portal to the original Magia, as he fires white beams at the shadow people, and Stait's Nazgul (Dragon Riders.) to take land for the new nation, The Soul Society, in the name of God. Things just got religious. Boom also goes on a small hunt to kill evil, and enters a blood-covered hut to find a pile of wings, and his fellow Arch-Angels being feeded upon by a thirsty vampire, that he easily kills. He heals the Angels with a cloth cross, and goes back to Heaven. (This game is intended for mere fun, and if I find any religion hating or anything that was intended to not be in-game, I shall smite thee sheet or just ban you from sessions for a while, depending how harsh. Seriously, no religion hating allowed.) The third dimention, Cresta, is now here!

1/25/11: Boom goes to the Heavens to train magics with the Arch-Angels, and learns to summon a special weapon of holy light, and learns a holy cross shield that can destroy weaker shadow magics. He goes to learn more as he is sent to a young white haired girl named Divnity, as she shows Boom powerful magics, such as Divinity's Heart, Soul, and Purity. He dosn't learn these though, just experiences them, Staitus beware, your most powerful adversary is about to come.

1/26/11: Stait talks to death about this giant battle thing, Mark goes monster hunting and encounters a Frost Wyrm, killed. He looks for a Frost Lord with 50 other people. Boom asks Divnity to teach him Soul Flash, a very powerful spell. She says no.

1/31/11: Boom continues to talk with Divinity, and he meets Grace, her sister/twin, who is more immature then Grace by a long-shot. She goes to over-pet animals while Boom and Divinity make an agreement that she will enter his body as a spirit, so he will auto-learn her moves.

2/1/11: Boom accepts Divinity to his body, and gets Grace involved as well, and starts exercising his new power a little. Staitus continues the chat with the Reaper, and his body turns into ashes as time starts repealing itself and then remaking Staitus to be the new reaper, and he takes a vanguard to Heaven and makes an agreement with God, like a treaty, to not fight with the whole good vs evil deal. He goes back to the vanguard he left behind with Arch-angels poking him, they have never seen an undead before, and the vanguard gets dismissed, but the angels dont let him go, he gets very peeved, leaves, and comes back chopping angels heads off. Staitus teleports the vanguard back to the underworld, and tries to regenerate the angels, they come back, but in an evil fallen angel kiind of way. Staitus absorbs the dark energy out of them, but they apperently want more. The other arch-angels start giving them light healing, but they reject it. One of the five die from lack of light, and is healed, and joins the crowd. He swiftly kills the other four painlessly as the new crowd of fully healed arch-angels walk away. He tells them that Light and Dark wars are over for now, and they cheer, and the arch-angels spread the word of the peace. Staitus also alerts the undead about this. Most importantly, Staitus is the new reaper, and he's friends with God now. Staitus also starts looking around Heaven to meet more of the angels, and comes across a War angel's statue, who is exiled and also imprisoned for his actions. He finds a small peice of paper that tells him to help the angel, while at the same time Mark is looting the Grantan caves for items, and finds a Snow Golem ice crown that can control snow golems, and a Ice Dragon mask, both, he implants into his skull so they wont fall off, and becomes part dragon in all of the action. He also finds some "powers" for Bitch and Amelia, as they become more powerful, and Amelia becomes part ice-dragon, as Bitch becomes more silver. Sword Saint has now entered the game, and started in Cresta. He gets ambushed by a lycan pack, and his bird (He killed a bird with a stone before this) gets stolen, but he starts randomly punting them, so they back off. He eats the bird, does some training, kills another, eats that one, and walks around to this lycan village, that the pack that attacked him, so he starts talking some sense into them.

2/2/11: Stait and Boom go to God and start talking, while Skull finds a Red Dragon, and with the help of Stait, tames it, and calls it Immortal. Skull and Immortal go to a town in Magia and burns it, Stait goes to stop this, Boom follows with Stait, and they both imprison Skull and Immortal with bars of crosses, and darkness, while Immortal goes insane and tries to break out, Boom and Stait talk to Skull about the attack. Boom casts a giant spirit bomb, when he does, everybody is blinded, then he goes and hurts Skull a little, Immortal is now released from the cage, along with Skull, but now hes bound by holy chains, but he goes into werewolf form and tries to burn the chains with fire, while Stait starts trying to calm Immortal down by almost breaking its skull, when Boom and Skull go into this crazy fight where Divinity takes his body to cast another spirit bomb and when he does Immortal is with him and Boom and Immortal are teleported to heaven while Stait watches all of this, when Azeroth flys to him and gets petted, Skull lands painfully and gets up, sprouts his dragon wings, and flys out of Magia, slowly reaching endless nowhere, while Azeroth is still being petted, and Boom convinces Immortal to join the holy side, and turns him into a white holy dragon, now named Savior. Skull flys to Blazika, meets up with some dragon warriors, meets a dragon mage named Exonor, she gives him a map to the dragon Vanakar, he absorbs her, goes there, while Mark kills more people over there and gets to the pass before Skull does and attacks him when he gets to the pass that ends up to be this giant battle where they both get to the dragon and are owned when Boom shows up and over-uses cross shields and tries to get the dragon on his side.

2/3/11: The Ferra poll has ended, Vampires win! Skull goes into a mini-session and does stuff.
Version: 4.5


Thankies for the Userbar Skull :3

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PostSubject: Re: Magia Arana   Sat Jan 01, 2011 6:41 pm

Name: Death
Element: Darkness
Race: Human
Alignment: Good
Class: Zen Keeper
Level: 8

Power: 20
Wisdom: 10
Agility: 20
Will: 6
Endurance: 40

Hit Points: 600

Facial Features: Red eyes, pitch Black semi-short hair, otherwise thin face always covered by his mask.

Hair color/length: Black, semi-short and covering his forehead

Age: 21

Clothes: thin silver armor covered by a grey and red duster, and a black mask coated with red lining, and eye holes that amplify his eyes into an aura type presence

Weapon: Long black katana laced with small runes covering it for un-known reasons


Inventory: Used Bandages x3 (Heals 5 hp each) 100 gold. Zenkeeper Leaders Golden Armor, Golden Sword, Red w/ gold trim cape, and the golden cloth helm. Master of the Lights Potion x1.

- Leader of ZenKeepers


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PostSubject: Re: Magia Arana   Sat Jan 01, 2011 8:51 pm

Name: Boomfus
Element: Earth
Race: Human
Allignment: Holy Good
Class: Zen Keeper
Level: 132
Wisdom: 112
Agility: 152
Will: 182
Endurance: 127
Health: 1380
Clothes: Golden armor encasing my whole body except for my joints, so I can move freely.
Facial Features: Turtle face, eyepatch, goatee.
Hair color,length: Black goatee, Black super saiyan hair
Weapon: Posion claw-custom gloves, poision fangs (through surgery), and spikes attached to my back and tail. Don't forget my sexyness.
RoM/RoA/RoS/RoP: 2
Inventory: Used Bandages x3 (Heals 5 hp each) 100 gold, trantar Skull Helm x1, Arch-Angel set, Summoning Mantra: "Holy Light, Guide me through the darkest night, Give me strength, Give me power, Give me the tools to slay those that offend the light."

Name: Savior
Level: 15
Race: Holy White Dragon
Gender: Male
Age: 30
Fly- Can fly
Breathe Holy Fire- Can breathe holy fire
Crossfire- With new holy body, Savior can now breathe fire in the shape of a cross.
Spark Flame- Savior breathes fire that explodes on impact.
Rock Toss- Savior shoots sharp rocks out of his back.
Forest- Savior implants roots into the ground that can create forests.
Root Breath- Savior breathes fire onto an enemy, that on contact will root his/her body to the ground. The enemy will be unable to move for 30 seconds.
Loyalty Counters: 4
How Obtained: Converted to holyness and released from former ownership. Originally obtained from a dragons cave.


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PostSubject: Re: Magia Arana   Sun Jan 02, 2011 3:08 am

So far I've held two sessions, those of you who participated got mystery containers (Yay for you) so enjoy, and I would like comments on the sessions, what should I work on, what did I do right for once, etc etc. The Mystery Containers will open when you participate in the next session.


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PostSubject: Re: Magia Arana   Sun Jan 02, 2011 1:53 pm

Name: Staitus
Element: Fire and Shadow
Race: Human
Alignment: Evil
Class: Thaumaturge
Level: 150
Power: 300
Wisdom: 200
Agility: 250
Will: 200
Endurance: 200
Hit Points: 15000
Facial Features: Menacing and cold, chisled
Hair color/length: Brown, Shaggy
Age: 19
Clothes: Midnight Plate
Weapon: Elder Darkfang
RoM/RoA/RoS/RoP: 2
Inventory: Used Bandages x3 (Heals 5 hp each) 100 gold, Tome of Magic. Cresent Rune Shadow Dagger. Dimentional Cube, Dimentional Runes.
Other: Leader of Evil

Name: Azeroth
Gender: Male
Race: Shadow Dragon (Child)
Age: 15
Level: 5
Bezerk form: Azeroth goes into a bezerk form and grows to the size of a fully grown dragon, with highly increased strength.
Hell form: Azeroth goes into hell form, where he can slow or completly halt time, to destroy enemys. After using this ability, Azeroth goes back into regular form and goes to sleep.
De-evolution: Azeroth can go back into his baby form and back to his current form at will.
Fire Control: Azeroth can breathe black fire and control where it goes for a short time after it leaves his mouth.
Insane form: Azeroth goes insane losing control of his actions, and will destroy everything in his path.
Loyalty Counters: 10
How obtained: Created during fight.

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PostSubject: Re: Magia Arana   Sun Jan 02, 2011 2:17 pm

Name: Felk
Element: Wind
Race: Elemental
Alignment: Evil
Class: Rogue
Level: 5
Power: 1
Wisdom: 1
Agility: 76
Will: 1
Endurance: 1
Hit Points: 15
Facial Features: Nothing special.
Hair color/length: Long silver hair.
Age: 23
Clothes: Cloth bands wrapped around most of the body.
Weapon: A longbow
RoM/RoA/RoS/RoP: 1
Inventory: Used Bandages x3 (Heals 5 hp each) 100 gold. Parachute x1.


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PostSubject: Re: Magia Arana   Sun Jan 02, 2011 8:35 pm

Can I haz the skill of breathing fire now? With 35 endurance, I should get it >.>
Like, when I get my endurance level higher, maybe I can breath shadow fire and crap like that :p

Sure. -Gia

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Sai Akuto
Sai Akuto

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PostSubject: Re: Magia Arana   Sat Jan 08, 2011 2:30 pm

Level: 1
Hit Points: 75
Facial Features: http://spe.fotolog.com/photo/62/45/57/manuu_dp/1273429495637_f.jpg
Hair color/length:Medium length Brown hair
Clothes: long dress jacket, white linen shirt and black slacks
Weapon: Long Sleek Katana with a Moon on the Blade
RoM/RoA/RoS/RoP: 0
Inventory: Used Bandages x3 (Heals 5 hp each) 100 gold. Cherry flavored Lollipop
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PostSubject: Re: Magia Arana   Sat Jan 08, 2011 10:09 pm

I killed 275+ of your zenkeepers, and are rescuing the enslaved animals. Heh, if I get an alliance with either Staitus or Felk ( whoever contacts me first- remember, you can always send in a messanger if I'm not playing when you are Very Happy), your "peaceful" days will be over. In case you were wondering, the zenkeepers aren't really peaceful. They only care about humans, and use the rest if the humans as pack animals >Sad

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PostSubject: Re: Magia Arana   Sat Jan 08, 2011 10:20 pm

Boom, I don't want to see any more comments on what you did during the session all alone. Okay?


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PostSubject: Re: Magia Arana   Sat Jan 08, 2011 11:55 pm







-Power: 145

-Wisdom: 157

-Agility: 150

-Will: 100

-Endurance: 100

-Hit Points: 1500

- Sand Storm - Able to summon a sand storm.
- Sand Tornado - Able to summon a tornado.
- Sand Coffin - Able to trap you enemies with sand.
- Sand Combat - You fight with sand.
- Sand Shield - Sand revolves around the aura of your body to deflect bullets and otherwise.
- Fire Ball - Gives small burns if hits. Other then that, self-explanatory.
- Holy Light - Able to scares lurking shadows.
- Werewolf Transformation - You are able to transform yourself into a wolf.
- Breath of Fire - Able to breath fire.
- Dragon Wings - Able to summon dragon wings.
- Dragon Talk - Can now talk to dragons and understand what they say, and be a bit more persuasive to them.
- Vampirism - You turn into a vampire.
- Gills - You summon fish gills and able to breath under water.
- Future's Sight - You gain the ability to see the future.
- Night Time - Make night come faster.
- Shadow Lurk - Hide in shadows so your invisible
- Shadow Absorb - Absorb peoples shadows,
- Shadow manipulation - Manipulate shadows
- Shadow Combat - And make the shadows join together to create a strong body part, like a giant shadow arm for example.
- Bat Transformation - Able to transform into a bat or small creatures to help you in battle.
- Mind Suggestions - A spell that can feed thoughts into a beings head, like high power suggestion.
- Shadow Puppet - Enables you to take control of an enemies body part, in some cases, the whole body.
- Light Sword - Turns your sword into a katana of light for ten minutes. Increases with Will and Wisdom.
- Tendrils - Summons small black Tentacles to wrap your opponent. Read "Spike Vines" for more information.
- Gust - Create a gust of wind
- Tremor - Minor earthquake.
- Water gun - You fire water out of your hands, to knock back enemys slightly, or just a distraction.
- Diver Ant Summoning - You can summon a small colony of driver ants.
- Mammal Transformation - Able to transform into any mammal.
- Merge - Ability to merge items.
- Dark Palm - Ability to shoot black colored laser from your hands .
- Dark Form - You start going insane, having all of your body going under a spasm, spikes start growing from your wrists and ankles, the tentacles grow longer, horns grow from the top of your head.
- Serpent Beast Transformation - Your legs merge into one that becomes a long blue tail similar to the serpents, your arms slowly shrivel into your body that are quickly replaced by large spiked wings, you become just like the serpent in the cage.
- Immortality - You're immortal .
- Teleportation - Ability to teleport .

=Facial Features=
(Will add later)

-Hair color/length: Purple and long.

-Age: 16

An Armor with a black cloak similar to a Sith in Star Wars.

The base is a scythe with the long sword at the back, chakrams attached with chains are along the scythe's blade area, with a dettachable rifle on the back of the place where you would hold it, and the longsword is a cross between itself and the katana, so it slightly curves.


-Used Bandages x3 (Heals 5 hp each)
-300 gold.
-Simple Puppet.

Name: Zabala
Race: Vritra
Age: 25
Ice Shard- Fires ice balls
Fire Gem- Shoots fire balls
Loyalty Counters: 3
How obtained: Tamed in the Ferra Eastern Caves.

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PostSubject: Re: Magia Arana   Sat Jan 15, 2011 1:43 pm

Name: Mark (The Masked Man)
Element: Wind
Race: Isar-Grantan-Ice/Fire/Water Dragon Hybrid.
Alignment: Evil
Class: Rouge
Rankable Class: Flame Warrior 2
Level: 111
Power: 300
Wisdom: 15
Agility: 127
Will: 24
Endurance: 100
Hit Points: 1500
Facial Features: None.
Hair color/length: White, Medium.
Age: 18
Clothes: Flexible and Agile clothing with Leather protection.
Weapon: Dual Katanas. One black, one white with tentacles making them stronger and giving them the ability to freeze.
RoM/RoA/RoS/RoP: 1
Inventory: Used Bandages x3 (Heals 5 hp each) 305 gold, High quality healing spray half filled, Small dagger, Artic swat team armor and helm set, 1,000,900 silver coins, blue gem necklace, camping set, bag of dimention runes, Grantan robes, Grantans heavy ice armor, Flame Warrior Class Set, Crown of the Snow Golems, Ice Dragon Mask: Gives wearer Ice Dragon abilitys and some body parts turn into that of a dragons. Works as long as its equipped, Spectrum Scythe-Staff.
Other: Due to hybrid abilitys, can now be considered a "Perfect Hybrid", Combining the powers of the Grantans amazing blue wings, and the Isar's tentacles, now has two sets of tentacle wings that can fly and freeze, along with fire and ice dragon abilitys, can be used for pure destruction.

Name: Bitch
Gender: Male
Race: Silver Dragon
Age: 11
Level: 20
Fire Breath: Bitch breathes powerful black fire.
Fly: Bitch can fly one mile without getting tired.
Shadow Sphere: Bitch can create a shadow ball and fire it with his mouth.
CamoScales: Bitch can change the color of his scales to his enviroment, becoming almost invisible to the naked eye.
Charm: Bitch charms the enemy, making him so cute, the enemy is unable to attack him.
Roar: Bitch roars, making some enemies back up a little.
Extreme Speed: Bitch can fly at speeds so fast he is but a gold and silver blur.
Dragons Wrath: Bitch goes into a rage and kills the foe which made him so. (Passive)
Dragons Wish: Bitch makes something random fall from the sky.
Loyalty Counters: 7
How obtained: Stolen from shop.

Name: Amelia
Gender: Female
Race: Ice/Fire Dragon Hybrid
Age: 7
Level: 20
?????: Does something completly random that effects the enemy, the battle field, or maybe the caster. Could be good or bad.
Claws: Amelia grows ice dragon claws that can be used to scratch enemies.
Crawl (Passive): Amelia walks on all fours to become faster and more agile.
Rip: She rips apart the foe.
Summon: Amelia summons some random weak creature.
Return: Amelia goes into her original human form.
Hybrid Fire: Amelia breathes freezing fire.
Fly: Amelia can fly using her red and blue wings to great distances.
Loyalty Counters: 5
How Obtained: Adopted from a jail cell in the Grantan caves.

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PostSubject: Re: Magia Arana   Tue Feb 01, 2011 11:58 pm

Name: Sharon
Element: Earth
Race: Human
Alignment: Good
Class: Zenkeeper
Level: 11
You have 50 unused stat points.
Power: 7
Wisdom: 3
Hit Points: 75
Facial Features: Has a scar that is horizontally under and about the same length as his right eye
Hair color/length: Black messy hair
Age: 26
Clothes: A small sized, orange, white, and black jacket that is open and torn sleeveless. Wears a red headband tied around his forehead. Torn black and orange martial artist pants with a red belt tied around the waist. Taped hands and feet
Weapon: None
RoM/RoA/RoS/RoP: 0
Inventory: Used Bandages x3 (Heals 5 hp each) 100 gold.

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PostSubject: Re: Magia Arana   Wed Feb 02, 2011 4:32 am

Name: Frost
Element: Fire
Race: Human
Alignment: Evil
Class: Rogue
Level: 1
Power: 4
Hit Points: 75
Facial Features: Blue frosty eyes and tanned smooth skin
Hair color/length: Brown neat hair
Age: 24
Clothes: Torn peasant outfit.
Weapon: A dagger that curves
RoM/RoA/RoS/RoP: 0
Inventory: Used Bandages x3 (Heals 5 hp each) 100 gold.

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PostSubject: Re: Magia Arana   Fri Feb 18, 2011 10:55 pm

Race:Void Draconian
Class:Void Knight
Level: 35
Hit Points: (HP, just do the math with your Endurance.)
Facial Features: Sharp, blue eyes with white pupils, no beard.
Hair color/length:White and feral looking
Clothes:A full body suit, except head of biomechanical armor that enhances all my stats, it also comes with a trenchcoat and a odd pair of high heeled shoes that have retractable spikes in the base.
Weapon: A short katana about 6 feet long, one handed wielding and can be set to stun or kill, the kill makes the blade firey, the stun makes it lightning based.
RoM/RoA/RoS/RoP: 0
Inventory: Used Bandages x3 (Heals 5 hp each) 100 gold. Two swords, one short one long, and a nice cloak. Void Gunscythes, Void Scythe, Atomic Destablization Cannon, Electric Void Guitar


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Magia Arana
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